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The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives now accepts donations using PayPal

About Our Last Meeting

News from the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives……………..
1. Thanks to all who supported round #2 of our   FORUM 2022 series of appearances by Republican Candidates for a) Governor,  b) Lt. Governor,  and  c) US Senate.

This past Monday, May 2nd, nearly 200 attended (the large meeting room was fully packed !) our FORUM 2022 U.S. SENATE Republican candidates, televised live on the PCN, Pennsylvania Cable Network across the commonwealth. 

We invited all seven registered Republican candidates, so appearing were Carla Sands, Jeff Bartos, Kathy Barnette, and Sean Gale.  George Bochette was confirmed, but did not appear during the one hour and thirty minute program.

Candidate Mehmet Oz emailed several months ago that he declined to appear but thanked us for the invitation.

Candidate David McCormick apologized for a conflict that night in the Pittsburgh area, via a phone call from his campaign manager.

We note, with some concern, that a trend is beginning to show on these political debates/forums over recent years.  The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives have held many such debates/forums for local, regional and statewide candidates for various offices.  The trend lately seems to be that those candidates who offer a combination of political clout, financial backing, media star power, as well as a number of other political advantages, such as the press releases that show them “in the lead” or “likely to win” stories in the newspaper,TV or on Radio, cause them to decline appearing in our rural/upstate region, even though we are only less than an hour from the state capitol.

This phenomenon occurred as well with our April meeting when only 4 of the 9 registered candidates appeared at our Forum 2022- Penna Governor race.  The five who did not appear are often referred to as the “leading candidates” in various media listings.

Each candidate did indeed have an initial ten minutes to stand before the camera and answer the question: Why Should You Vote For Me?  A “wrap up” three minutes was given in round 2 during the last half hour.  We asked for no press/radio/TV panels filled with pointless questions, instead treating our in-room and statewide TV audience to listen to the candidates for what they say, what they don’t say and in general, taking their comments to task for the title of United States Senator from Pennsylvania.

Thanks to our Board of Directors, SVC, for all the support in this huge endeavor.  With your support, we are continuing to set the pace in our key six-county area of the Susquehanna Valley.

May meeting has been moved. Please read.

Several months ago, we changed the date for the May meeting, FORUM-US Senate Candidates, to Monday MAY SECOND.

I’ve been sending emails to everyone with this date. All of our candidates are coming in on May 2nd.
The PCN is coming on May 2nd for live streaming. And when I called Melissa this morning at the Best Western, she too already had us down for Monday, May 2nd.

I wanted to be sure she wasn’t confused. She wasn’t and now our tables and microphones are all set including two tables in the lobby for the candidates campaign paraphernalia.

We changed the date so as to stay away from the Primary Election date of Tuesday, May 17th, when candidates are scrambling to do last minute campaign activity. We discussed this at a board meeting and decided that if we went earlier, on May 2nd, it might provide us a better chance of getting a yes on attendance?

It worked for five of the seven candidates.

paul hartman
here is the fact sheet all candidates received and what I’ve been emailing to you ====================================================================
This is your invitation to our Forum.


What: PRIMARY FORUM 2022 – registered Republican US Senate Candidates

When: MONDAY, MAY 2nd, 7PM – 8:30PM.


Why: We favor conservative views and want to tell Our followers, our audience and the statewide audience on TV who these candidates are.

NOTE: This entire event will be broadcast live on PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network across Pennsylvania.

Format: We will give each candidate an initial TEN minutes to answer one question: WHY should you vote for me? There will be no cross debate between candidates. If time allows, each candidate may be given an additional few minutes to “wrap up” the evening.

Feb meeting is 2/17 on a Thursday at the Best Western, Lewisburg, 7pm

Ian Prior from will be our speaker (virtually). Hear about their experience with the Loudon County school board and their tyrannical tactics and what we can do locally.

Town Hall Type Meeting with Congressman Fred Keller 10/18/2021

Our usual meetings are the second Monday of the month. This meeting is the third Monday for scheduling purposes. We apologize for any confusion this may gave caused. Meeting time i ay 7PM at Best Western Lewisburg.

We are back to LIVE meetings

WE’re Back and meeting live and in person!  Our next meeting of the Susquehanna valley conservatives will be on Sept 13th, our subject: Your Elections – fair and balanced OR not to be trusted?  Come and hear our local panel discussion with you, our election system, its potential flaws and its basic strengths.  Our panel guests include local county commissioners, Joe Kantz, Preston Boop, and Jeff Reber, among others.
Susquehanna Valley Conservative’s monthly meetings are back! Join us for our monthly meeting, Sept 13th,
As always plan on coming from 7pm to 8:30pm for this meeting at the usual location: Best  Western meeting rooms, next door to Country Cupboard, Rt. 15 North, Lewisburg. Our topic:  just how reliable are our elections?

1-19-21 Virtual Meeting with Congressman Fred Keller

e mail for an invitation

Join our Virtual Meeting with State Representative David Rowe Tuesday, December 15, 2020, at 7 pm.

Pennsylvania Representative David Rowe, 85th District (Snyder and Union Counties) will be our guest for our next meeting, this coming Tuesday, December 15th from 7 to 8 pm via our virtual internet camera.Pennsylvania has been in the spotlight as a result of the numerous allegations of election fraud.  Donald Trump was apparently ahead by 600,000 votes when “voting was stopped for the night” across the State. 

When we awoke the following morning, Joe Biden was ahead by 60,000. That is a turnaround of 660,000 votes overnight!
The Governor and his election officials promised that Pennsylvania could count on every vote counted prior to the election.
But did he also promise that every LEGAL vote and only every legal vote would be counted?

Representative David Rowe will address this issue with us beginning with the lead up to the election, including the State Supreme Court’s questionable interference in the Pennsylvania State House law, allowing “mail in ballots” to be counted up to three days AFTER the election date.

Allegations of boxes and boxes of mail in ballots coming in overnight have been registered.  Allegations of those same mail in ballots being run through the questionable computer machines several times to increase Joe Biden’s totals have been made.

Finally, we will address with our State Representative, what is being done now to redress the alleged fraud via legislation and other measures to ensure that this does not occur again in our Commonwealth.  Out of fifty states, why was only Pennsylvania was completely unable to run an election that appeared fair and equitable to all?

Representative Rowe will also then be given every opportunity to address the Covid Virus along with any other pressing issues he feels are important to bring to our attention.

We welcome you to our meeting this coming Tuesday, December 15th from 7 to 8 pm.

Here’s how you may view this virtual meeting.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. 
When: Dec 15, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Register in advance for this meeting: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives

SVC update about future meetings.

SVC still committed to returning to public meetings as soon as practical and as soon as we can coordinate with Best Western.

Information and details will be conveyed via email and website.

Please let us know of anyone you would like to add to our email list.

We know the high stakes of this fall’s elections and are committed to helping to make sure we provide education around the important topics of our time.

Our Next Meeting 3/9/2020

What is the relationship between the Pennsylvania State Budget and the so-called corporate welfare that is given to organizations throughout our Commonwealth? 
Our guest Monday, March 9 is Andrew Abramczyk who has written and spoken on the subject.  Corporate Welfare & The Commonwealth Budget by Andrew Abramczyk, Senior Policy Analyst at the Commonwealth Foundation is our program with other items to update and inform as well at our meeting.

The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives invite you to our meeting Monday March 9.    Join us at the Best Western meeting rooms, next door to Country Cupboard, Rt. 15 North, Lewisburg. Time: 7pm to 8:30pm.  The Susquehanna Valley Conservative meetings are free and open to the public.  For more on the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives, go to