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We need your help!

Our next meeting 3/13

The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives invite you to our next monthly meeting this coming Monday evening as we give you an opportunity to hear not one but two of our local Pennsylvania state representatives, David Rowe and Jamie Flick representing parts of Union, Snyder and Lycoming counties as well as several others.
Questions about the current state of Pennsylvania government will be welcome on taxes, our voting system, Harrisburg politics, our new Governor and much more.

So join us for our famous Towne Hall style meeting this coming Monday night for two Pennsylvania state house representatives, David Rowe and Jamie Flick,  at the usual time and place, 7pm, Best Western Meeting Rooms,  Rt. 15, just North of Lewisburg. Our meetings are always free and open to the public.

Feb Meeting2/13 features Joe Bastardi from wetherbell

No January Meeting this month. (2023)

Our group met this week to hold our annual board reorganization and to continue the planning of our monthly meetings.
We are very excited for our first meeting of the new year to be held in February and hope that you can join us each month.
We have some exciting programs in the upcoming months, so keep an eye on your email for all of the details for each month’s meeting.
We look forward to seeing you all in February! Jordan

Dec Meeting is 12-20-22

SVC is excited to host Rep. GT Thompson at a special meeting Tuesday, Dec 20, 2022, Best Western, 7pm.
Come meet our new Congressman and hear updates regarding the new Congress for 2023!

Born in Bellefonte and a graduate of Penn State and Temple, Rep. Thompson has served in Congress since 2008.
He is currently the Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee, and in line to become Committee Chair in January with new Republican majority.
Agriculture Committee Chair is a potential huge benefit to area farmers and food producing industries. PA-15 District is a large area that includes all or parts of 18 counties, including Union, Snyder, Clinton, and part of Lycoming.
Rep. Thompson is also a member of the Career and Tech Ed Caucus, and has strong interest in Marcellus Shale production located in District.
All donations of cash and non-perishable food items will be donated to local food bank.

Our 11-14-22 Meeting

Political Perspectives on Campus. Featured speakers Isabella Carrega from Open Discourse Coalition and Matt Reber from PA Federation of College Republicans. 7pm Best Western Lewisburg.

SVC Guide to sample ballots

10-10 Meeting 2000 Mules

The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives entertained a large size crowd for the Dinesh D’Sousa documentary 2000 MULES, at our regular monthly meeting, Monday evening, Oct. 10th at the Best Western Meeting Rooms, Lewisburg.

The controversial 1 1/2 hr. documentary, released this year,  reveals through factual data, how 2020 election irregularities occurred in five key states, won by Joe Biden, i.e. Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. A “mule” is defined as one who is paid to stuff mail in ballot boxes, usually in the middle of the night.

 Writing in the Washington Times, Bob Segal posted this editorial regarding the main stream media attempt to silence, ignore and “debunk” 2000 MULES. 

He writes: —–  I recently watched the Dinesh D’Souza film “2000 Mules.” At the very least, the movie makes a compelling case using what appears to be incontrovertible evidence that not only was there massive “ballot stuffing” fraud in the key swing states, but that the fraud literally stole the election from former President Donald Trump and gave it to President Biden.
“2000 Mules” bases its conclusions primarily upon cellphone tracking data provided by carriers and surveillance video of ballot drop boxes provided by multiple state governments. The only ways to dismiss the film’s conclusion that Mr. Biden’s victory derived from massive ballot stuffing is to show that the data used to track the cell phones was corrupt, the analysis of the data was flawed or the videos received from the respective governments were doctored. No one has established any such improprieties, yet the mainstream media’s knee-jerk reaction is to reject the film and its conclusions and offer absurd suggestions to explain how the data and video evidence is false.

It has been suggested that the people in the videos are election workers retrieving ballots from the boxes or that the cellphone data is of taxi drivers who happen to pass the ballot boxes. All one must do to reject such nonsense is watch the film.
In a perfect journalistic world populated by real journalists, this film would indicate a large amount of smoke worthy of investigation. But again, the same super-partisan, leftist media is making zero effort to get to the truth. I challenge any Democrat, Trump hater, any Never Trumper to watch the film and see whether their rock-solid belief in the honesty of Mr. Biden’s election remains so afterward.

BOB SEGAL / Washington Times

Join us on 10/10 for 2000 mules

Our next monthly meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 10th, 7-8:30pm.

We will be showing the documentary/film mainstream media has ignored, 2000 MULES by Dinesh D’Sousa.   Here is a preview of this controversial film.

“2000 Mules,” a documentary film created by Dinesh D’Souza, exposes widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election, sufficient to change the overall outcome. Drawing on research provided by the election integrity group True the Vote, “2000 Mules” offers two types of evidence: geotracking and video. The geotracking evidence, based on a database of 10 trillion cell phone pings, exposes an elaborate network of paid professional operatives called mules delivering fraudulent and illegal votes to mail-in dropboxes in the five key states where the election was decided. Video evidence, obtained from official surveillance cameras installed by the states themselves, confirms the geotracking evidence. The movie concludes by exploring numerous ways to prevent the fraud from happening again.

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary film 2000 Mules tells the never before told story of what really happened in the 2020 election. Forget everything you know or think you know about election fraud. 2000 Mules exposes a massive network of coordinated fraud across all five of the states that decided the election. This fraud was more than sufficient to change the outcome. The film uses two types of evidence. The first is geotracking which monitors the cell phone movements of mules or paid criminal traffickers delivering illegal ballots to mail in drop boxes. It’s a new technology used for the first time to bust a very old type of fraud. The second is video evidence, obtained from the official surveillance cameras installed by the states themselves. The film takes you to the scene of the crime, again and again and again. You can actually watch the criminals at work. Finally, the film decisively answers the most important question is who really won the 2020 election? This is a movie that documents the biggest heist in American history. Its goals are to reveal how it happened, who did it, and how to make sure that this never happens again. This movie features Catherine Engelbrecht, Eric Metaxas, Charlie Kirk, Dennis Prager, Gregg Phillips, Larry Elder, Sebastian Gorka.

Dinesh D’Souza has given us clearance to do a public showing of this film.  We invite you to attend, bring friends and decide for yourself whether there is reason to question the 2020 election, the same one the main stream media says was the most accurate and most reliable election ever?

2000 MULES – Monday, Oct. 10th, 7 – 8:30pm, Best Western meeting rooms, next door to Country Cupboard, Rt. 15 North, Lewisburg.  Meeting is open to the public.

Our next meeting will feature the movie 2000 mules

Meeting is 10/10/22. Check back for more udates