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Conservatively Speaking

The Daily Item will be printing monthly letters written by SVC Planning Committee members. The first letter was printed Wednesday, December 26, 2012 in the Opinion section of the newspaper.

If you missed the letter or do not get the Daily Item, you can also read those letters on our website. Please go to the new “Conservatively Speaking” page.

Become Active and Help Get Out the Vote for the November Election!

The recent results in Wisconsin demonstrate that active and engaged citizens can have enormous impact. Thousands of committed conservatives became involved, many for the first time, to stand up to liberal special interests and helped resoundingly retain Scott Walker and his reasonable reforms. Will the conservatives in the Susquehanna Valley learn by their example? Now it’s your turn to get more involved and to stand up for our conservative values as we face the November election.

During the last four years the face of America has changed dramatically and the country as we knew it is fading away quickly. This year our individual efforts to reclaim liberty and conservatism cannot be neglected or ignored without dire consequence.

Conservative/Republican candidates at all levels need your help and my help. No matter the extent of your expertise, age or available time there are things you can do to change the course of our country. Training and constant support will be available throughout the summer and fall for volunteers in the Susquehanna Valley.

Please consider the way(s) you can help by completing the survey form and returning it at your earliest convenience. Activities include helping to register voters, placing candidate yards sign at your home, making telephone calls to registered voters, greeting voters at the polls, and many more!

Download the SVC Get Out the Vote Survey Form

You can complete the survey electronically and email it by following the instructions outlined below or you can print it off, complete the form and mail it to:
Bob Harder
1920 Jefferson Avenue
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Email instructions:
– Download the survey form
– Fill the boxes with an (X) by using a left-click
– Fill text areas by using the keyboard
– Save the completed form
– Return as an attachment to an email to

Thank you for your attention to this very important effort to defeat Barack Obama and Robert P. Casey, Jr.

SVC Planning Committee

PA Primary Election and Voter ID Law

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives strongly support the New Voter ID Law that requires all Pennsylvania voters to show a photo ID before voting at a polling place in the November 2012 General Election.

In fact, we feel so strongly about the merits of the bill that we want to encourage SVC members to proactively show their photo ID card when voting next Tuesday, April 24 in the Primary Election. Having your photo ID out and ready to display when entering the voting area will demonstrate your positive support for the new law.

New Page “Community Corner”

SVC is frequently asked to promote various community events to its members. We have decided that the best way to accommodate these requests is to add a link to the SVC web site and label it “Community Corner”. We will continue to screen all requests and list only those that we believe would be of interest to our members.

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives Mission


SVC supports conservative principles and policies and provides area conservatives and the general public with education and information regarding issues at the local, state, and national levels. SVC encourages active participation in the public arena.