February Meeting

The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives will show the documentary movie ROCKY MT. HEIST this coming Monday night Feb 11th, a documentary
Liberals don’t want you to know about.
What are the liberal opponents of “Rocky Mountain Heist” afraid of? An informed citizenry, an independent media, and conservatives willing to push back.

“Rocky Mountain Heist,”  tells the story of how a wealthy quartet of liberal millionaires and billionaires in Colorado took over the once-republican red state of Colorado inside ten years.
Result?  Liberals captured the governor’s office, the state legislature, and both Senate seats in Colorado. It could happen here in Pennsylvania!

Join us for this documentary.

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives meeting will be held, February 11th, at 7pm, in the Best Western meeting rooms, next door to Country Cupboard , Route 15, Lewisburg.  As always, the program is free and open to the public.

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