Upcoming SVC Meetig – April 9

Join Us Monday for our next SVC meeting.

YOU RE INVITED to our free and open to the public meeting on Monday, April 9th, 78:30 pm.

This Monday evening, we deal with several pending lawsuits. The first is the overreach of Governor Tom Wolf, attempting to force home care workers into a Union. This one is before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The second case is the overreach of the State Teachers union, PSEA, forcing Greg Hartnett and several other public school teachers to pay dues and join their Union.  Hartnett and fellow teachers currently have this matter before the Pennsylvania courts.

Greg Harnett, a Pennsylvania public school teacher says “ I should not be forced to fund a private politically active organization just to do what I love”.
Our guest speakers include two attorneys from the Fairness Center who are pursuing these matters on behalf of their clients.  This will be a meeting to remember!


The Fairness Center will be represented at the meeting by David Osborne, President and General Counsel; Nathan McGrath, Vice President and Litigation Counsel; and Conner Drigotas, Director of Communications and Outreach.


Please support us and join us for this meeting, Monday, April 9th, 78:30 pm, Best Western Meeting Rooms, next door to Country Cupboard, Rt. 15 north, Lewisburg.

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