Monday, February 12th for a Town Hall Forum on DRUGS AND OPIOIDS

They’re not just in your schools – They’re in your back yard!

We have an impressive panel of local people from around the Susquehanna Valley to highlight this Social problem including: County Commissioners Rick Shoch (Northumberland), Preston Boop (Union) And Joe Kantz (Snyder); State Representative Fred Keller and State Senator Gene Yaw along with others From the area who work in the field.  We’ll also have a police drug dog demonstration from the Union County Sheriffs office.

Our Forum panel will be Taking your questions on this topic.

Our meeting time and place are the same:  7pm-8:30pmMonday evening, February 12th, Best Western Meeting Rooms next door to Country Cupboard, Rt.15 north, Lewisburg.

There ARE solutions to this increasingly critical social problem.  We hope to display them through this meeting.  Many of our meetings are political in nature, but this problem crosses all political and social lines.

Please accept this invitation to attend. Admission, as always is free to all regular monthly meetings of the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives.

2 responses to “SVC Forum on DRUGS AND OPIOIDS – Feb 12

  1. What an important topic and great series of speakers. Thanks!

  2. PS- tip. If you give your evens/posts a real title, the URL will have that. THis one is simply 108277. Doesn’t cut and past as well as something like

    For example. I put opioid forum at the end, but it would be whatever you title your post/event.

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