May’s Upcoming SVC Meeting

Topic: Capital Update
(Tentative-Please be sure to read the note below)

Who: State Representative Fred Keller

When: Monday May 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Where: Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, north of Lewisburg along Route 15

Fred Keller represents the 85th district in the House of Representatives in Harrisburg.
The 85th district covers Union and Snyder Counties.

It’s budget time in Harrisburg. Representative Keller will bring us news about budget negotiations as well as other timely legislative issues including liquor privatization and legislation aimed at ending the union practice of having teachers whose salaries are paid by taxpayers do no teaching, instead they work full-time for their union on union business. This is especially prevalent in the Philadelphia area.

Fred will also discuss other current legislation before the General Assembly.

As an announced candidate for Tom Marino’s federal House of Representatives seat, Fred will also discuss the process involved in seeking that seat as well as items that would be of importance to him if elected.

NOTE: Monday May 8 it a legislative session day in Harrisburg. Senators and Representatives don’t know when their work on ‘session days’ will end so it is possible that Fred may be late or unable to attend at all.

If that is the case, Susquehanna Valley Conservatives will show a film entitled ‘Where the Grass is Greener: Biblical Stewardship vs. Climate Alarmism‘. The film is a one-hour documentary that calls upon the expertise of over 30 world-class scholars in climate science; developmental, environmental, and energy economics; and theology, ethics, and public policy to address global warming from a biblical perspective to protect the world’s poor from harmful climate and energy policies.

Stan Zellers, President
Susquehanna Valley Conservatives


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