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Upcoming April 10 SVC Meeting

Topic: College Campus Culture

When: Monday April 10, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Where: Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, north of Lewisburg along Route 15

Who: Scott Greer – Editor and Author

Scott Greer is an editor and columnist at The Daily Caller. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, BBC Radio and NPR. His work has appeared on the Drudge Report, Fox Nation, Breitbart, and numerous other media outlets. No Campus for White Men is his first book.

Click here for an article and video at The Daily Caller on his new book.

Greer’s book shines a bright light on the growing obsession with diversity, victimization and identity politics on today’s college campuses, and shows how it is creating an intensely hostile and fearful atmosphere that can only lead, ultimately, to ever greater polarization in American society.

Scott Greer’s investigative work links such seemingly unrelated trends as “rape culture” hysteria and Black Lives Matter to an overall campus mindset intent on elevating and celebrating leftist-designated “protected classes” above everyone else while intimidating, censoring, and punishing those who disagree with this perversely un-American agenda.

In No Campus for White Men, Greer broadens the usual media focus well beyond coverage of demonstrations by easily offended college students, to spotlight the darker forces at work behind the scenes that are feeding higher education’s metastasizing crisis and how all this results in sustained animosity, first and foremost, toward white men. Greer also documents how this starkly totalitarian culture is not isolated to higher education, but is rather a result of trends already operating in society. Thus, he shows, today’s campus madness may eventually dominate much more of America if it is not addressed and reversed soon.

Fox News star Tucker Carlson endorsed No Campus for White Men, saying: “Something’s wrong on college campuses. Most of us are dimly aware of that. In this bracing and sometimes horrifying book, Scott Greer pulls off the bandage to reveal the suppurating wound beneath. Higher education is rotting in this country. After reading Greer’s account, you’ll think twice before sending your children off to school.”

Stan Zellers, President
Susquehanna Valley Conservatives

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