SVC Meeting tomorrow 1/9/2017

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives Monthly Meeting – Monday January 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Topic:     1. Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom of Worship
2. Update on Attacks on Religious Freedom/Current Litigation

Who: Randy Wenger, Chief Counsel for Pennsylvania Family Institute/Independence Law Center

Prior to joining PFI, Mr. Wenger’s legal practice specialized in public policy law including the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, the definition of marriage, gambling, and whether special rights should be given on the basis of sexual orientation. He has also written a number of Amicus Curiae briefs in the area of homosexual marriage, adoption, and intelligent design.

The mission of the Pennsylvania Family Institute is to strengthen families by restoring to public life the traditional, foundational principles and values essential for the well-being of society. PFI is the only full-time, professionally staffed non-profit organization representing family values in the state capitol. They encourage responsible citizenship and involvement in civic affairs to promote respect for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty.
Through its Independence Law Center, the Institute engages in the legal arena, defending the constitutional rights of citizens against challenges to life and religious freedom as well as advocating for the historic and beneficial role of family and marriage.


Where: Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, north of Lewisburg along Route 15

***** Other Upcoming Events You May be Interested in *****

Tuesday, February 7 at 7 pm
Campus Theatre, Lewisburg – RIO BRAVO – DIGITAL RESTORATION!  Introduced by Alf Siewers, Professor of English at Bucknell University.

If you are of a certain age you will remember this classic John Wayne film.

Rio Bravo was Howard Hawks’ 1959 answer to High Noon, the 1952 western in which Gary Cooper spends two hours of reel time trying in vain to rouse the local citizenry to help him exterminate the town skunk. “Now, that’s a rather silly thing for a man to do,” said Hawks, “especially since at the end of the picture he is able to do the job himself. So I said, we’ll do just the opposite, and take a real professional viewpoint.” As John T. Chance, sheriff of a tiny Texas border town, Wayne’s job is to keep a jailed killer in, and his cohorts – who have the town surrounded – out. But he doesn’t do it alone. During the course of events he is saved or protected by a reformed drunk (Dean Martin at his finest), a gimp-legged old geezer (Walter Brennan), a dance-hall gal with a past (Angie Dickinson), and a singin’ cowboy (Ricky Nelson). (Adapted from Pacific Film Archive Program Notes)

Sunday February 12 from 5 to 7 p.m.
Lewisburg Downtown Republicans sponsor the annual Lincoln’s Birthday Party at the Civil War Cider Co. on Market Street in Lewisburg, 5 to 7 p.m.

Live Civil War era music and brief readings from Lincoln’s most famous speeches: US Army Col. (ret.) Mike Sullivan will read the Gettysburg Address, and Bucknell Professor Emeritus Bill Moore will read his Second Inauguration Address.

Civil War Cider Co is located at 606 Market St in Lewisburg  (next to the Towne Tavern by 6th St).


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