May’s SVC Meeting

Lebanon Valley College history professor Dr. James Broussard will discuss the question ‘Was Ronald Reagan a ‘RINO’ ?

Dr. Broussard will discuss Reagan’s record as governor of California and as president of the United States in light of the current understanding of conservatism.  He will explore how Reagan became the champion of conservative America despite some policy decisions as governor and president that would not be embraced by the conservative movement of today.

Dr. Broussard will also be signing copies of his latest book, Ronald Reagan:  Champion of Conservative America, which will be available for purchase.

WHEN: Monday May 9, 2016 at 7:00 PM

WHERE: Baylor Conference Room – Best Western Country Cupboard Inn – north of Lewisburg along Route 15


We will resume our monthly public meetings Monday September 12. We are working on a great line-up of fall programming.

Enjoy your summer !

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All Susquehanna Valley Conservatives meetings are free and open to the public. All points of view are welcome.

Democracy is not a spectator sport – Get Informed and Get Involved !


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