Fall 2015 Upcoming SVC Meetings


Monday, September 14 – Matt Brouillette, president of the Commonwealth Foundation, will be speaking on the the state of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as we head into a new four year term with Democrat Governor Tom Wolf and his dealings with a Republican state Senate and House.
The Commonwealth Foundation is a Harrisburg based Conservative think tank that reviews all state government operations.
September Legislative Update and Q&AState Rep Kerry Benninghoff 

Monday, October 12 – Victor G. Vogel, MD,  Director of Breast Medical Oncology/Research, will be speaking on “Hope, Faith and Reason at the End of Life: How we can avoid a financial crisis in American health care.”
He will also be touching upon his new book, Doctor, What if it Were Your Mother?, which confronts complex disease treatments in a direct, relatable manner. Vogel details his experiences, offering case studies, examples, and research to help people choose the treatments that make the most sense.
October Legislative Update and Q&A: State Senator John Gordner

Monday, November 9 – Daniel Shayesteh will be speaking on “Multiculturalism and Political Correctness”
November Legislative Update and Q&A: State Rep Garth Everett

SVC meetings are held at 7pm in the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg – Baylor Conference Room (Lower level on the west side).

All SVC Meetings are free and open to the public. As always, all points of view are welcome.


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