Upcoming March 9 Meeting

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives is honored to host John Rizzo – the CIA’s top lawyer during the post 9/11 era – as our speaker at 7:00 PM Monday March 9, 2015. The meeting will be held in the Baylor Conference Room; Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, just north of Lewisburg along Route 15.

This timely discussion will include topics such as waterboarding and the decision to hold terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. These decisions, in which Rizzo was intimately involved, are still resonating today.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to hear from someone who was involved at the highest level of government in one of America’s most traumatic historical events. Not only did Mr Rizzo witness history at the highest level; he helped shape it.

If you are interested in politics, or appreciate history, or care about national security, this is your opportunity to hear the ‘inside story’ from a man who sat across the table from the likes of Vice-President Richard Chaney, National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, and Colonel Oliver North while America struggled to deal with the events of September 11 and their aftermath.

Mr Rizzo’s book – Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA – will be on sale at a discount. If you buy a copy he will be glad to sign it for you after the meeting.

All SVC Meetings are free and open to the public. As always, all points of view are welcome.


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