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September Meeting Summary

On Monday, September 8, 2014, Susquehanna Valley Conservatives hosted Joe Bastardi, Chief Forecaster for WeatherBELL Analytics.  His topic was “AGW, aka Climate Change, aka Climate Disruption, aka Carbon Pollution: You be the judge.”
Joe Bastardi Room

140 people were in attendance for Joe’s discussion, which mixed politics and climate change.  He provided a number of informative slides focused on how “recent” weather changes are less pronounced when placed in larger, historic context. Additionally, groups with political agendas utilize those numbers to reinforce their own agenda.  The presentation was very well received and there were many questions.

Joe Bastardi


September’s Meeting – Climate Change or Climate Cycles?

WHO: Joe Bastardi, Weatherbell Meteorologist

WHAT: Climate Change or Climate Cycles?
Joe will analyze key points in the climate change debate, focusing on theories of man-made climate change versus natural, cyclical climate patterns.

WHEN: September 8 at 7:00PM

WHERE: Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg
Baylor Conference Room
Lower level, west side

AUDIENCE: Public is invited free of charge. Man- made global warming believers and deniers are encouraged to attend.