February’s Meeting Summary

‘It’s a marathon, not a 100 yard dash.’

For the second time in the last 9 months, those in attendance at last night’s Susquehanna Valley Conservatives meeting heard these words. The speaker, Mr Robert Heffley of Act! For America – was referring to the kind of diligence and constant vigilance America must exhibit to combat what he referred to as ‘Cultural (or Stealth) Jihad’.

Heffley ACT! for America

Mr Heffley drew a distinction between Orthodox Islam and Heterodox Islam. Those who practice Orthodox Islam are more apt to take a literal/strict interpretation of The Koran, and the justifications therein for world domination; including the use of lies/deceit so far as they advance the spread of Islam, the killing/enslavement of non-believers, and the insidious nature of attempts to infiltrate America from within.

He cited examples of small events that seem innocuous on the surface, but represent a larger overall pattern when taken together – for example, Nancy Pelosi administering the oath of office to the first Muslim elected to the U S House of Representatives using the Koran instead of the Bible or the case of Muslims forcing Tyson Foods to cancel the U S Labor Day holiday and replace it with a Muslim holiday (later reversed as a result of pressure from Act! For America).

He also cited 2 cases in which major U S universities received large donations from Muslim donors (The College of William and Mary and Yale). Since infiltration of the U S education system is a tactic/objective of Cultural Jihad, this is especially troublesome. It would be unrealistic to not foresee a quid pro quo.

Act! For America was founded by Bridgette Gabrielle – a Lebanese Christian who saw her home bombed when she was 10 years old – the bombing prompted solely because her family were Christians. Ms Gabrielle has written several books warning of the threat to America posed by Islamic extremists. She has also been a vocal advocate of meeting the challenge by creating Act! For America – the largest grassroots organization devoted to national security.

Heffley ACT! for America

SVC National Debt Tracker

Debt at Beginning of Meeting:  $ 17,260,841,166,021
Debt at End of Meeting:              $ 17,260,868,745,697
Increase in Debt during the Meeting $ 27,579,676
Increase per minute $ 306,440

Next Meeting: To Be Announced


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