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February’s Upcoming Meeting

Robert Heffley will be the speaker for the next SVC meeting scheduled for Monday, February 10 at 7:00PM at the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg. His presentation is titled, “Jihad in America.”

Most Americans are unaware of our country’s history with violent jihad and the enormous strides of “Cultural Jihad” that influence every aspect of our society. The Muslim Brotherhood has been at work here for decades with the intent to achieve the same success it has enjoyed in Europe. ACT! For America, the nation’s largest and fastest growing grass roots national security organization, informs the public about this threat, organizes citizens to defeat the threat in their communities, and leads legislative efforts at the state and federal level.

Robert Heffley is a chapter leader and leadership mentor for ACT! For America, the nation’s largest grass roots national security organization. Residing in Hampton, Virginia, he mentors chapter leaders in the Eastern U.S., assists in developing membership and new chapters, and represents ACT! For America at speaking and training events.

Bob is a native of Pittsburgh, PA where he earned an undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh. His graduate degree is from Central Michigan University. He has held senior executive positions in the film/media industry and most recently the maritime transportation industry. Bob had a military career serving in command and staff assignments in airborne and aviation units in both peacetime and combat. He and his wife, Catherine, have four grown children and one grandchild.


January 2014 Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary from January 13, 2014 – Sam Rohrer

More than 100 attendees were treated to an excellent presentation by Sam Rohrer at the SVC meeting this past Monday evening. One of those in attendance decided to write a summary of the meeting and then forwarded it to one of the SVC Planning Committee members. The summary so well captured the spirit and essence of what Sam Rohrer had to say that we want to share it with you.



Last night’s meeting was really well attended and Sam did a fantastic job of explaining the differences among a democracy, aristocracy, theocracy, monarchy and a republic. He described how our “republic” form of government came to be from the time of the founding fathers. He then went on to list the things that threaten to destroy a republic. And then, in the famous words of Ben Franklin, when he came out of the meeting in which the “the founding fathers finally came to agreement”, he was asked, “What have you done here?” His reply: “We have given you a Republic; if you can keep it.”

Then Sam went on to how we can keep it. Our “Republic” is in decline and his bottom line is that it is not just votes on one side or the other; but it is scripturally based that there is a transcendent God who is the ultimate law giver and the one to whom we are all accountable. If people lived their lives in the home, church and government, knowing and understanding that they are accountable to God, how different that would make our country.

Sam described his working with pastors and said that they should be brave, bold and speak out on issues. A question was asked if any rabbi or priests were involved in this. Sam said there were some strong priests; as yet no rabbi; but he suspected that as in all walks, there is always the remnant that God works with. Sam estimates that about 10% of the population “get it” as do about 10% of the churches & pastors and maybe 10% of the elected officials. God can and does work with that.

That is sort of a thumb nail sketch. One person thought we may have been in a church meeting. The place was full with more in attendance than anyone expected.

It was truly a lesson in history of how we came to be; where we are; and what we need to do to keep it.


January’s Meeting tomorrow

WHO: Sam Rohrer, President, Pennsylvania Pastors Network

WHAT: A Republic—If you can keep it?—The Threats and the (Biblical) Solutions

  • What is a republic?
  • What destroys a republic?
  • How can we keep our republic?

WHEN: The day after tomorrow, Monday, January 13 at 7:00PM

WHERE: Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg, Baylor Conference Room, Lower level, west side

AUDIENCE: Public is invited free of charge.

January’s Upcoming Meeting

Sam Rohrer will be the speaker for the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives meeting on Monday, January 13 at 7:00PM in the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg. His biographical information is below.

His presentation is titled, “A Republic—If you can keep it—The Threats and the (Biblical) Solutions.

Talking points will focus on answering 3 major questions:

  • What is a republic?
  • What destroys a republic?
  • How can we keep our republic?

He will:

  • Talk about the two “Pillars of Truth” upon which our republic was founded.
  • Define the enemy of a Republic and the enemies that undermine the Pillars of Truth.
  • Identify some current examples of attacks on our Republic emanating from Washington.
  • Identify some very practical things that can be done and what PPN (PA Pastors Network) is doing to not only stop the erosion of our foundations but to rebuild the walls.

The meeting is open to the public free of charge. Those with opposing points of view are encouraged to attend.

Sam Rohrer served as a Pennsylvania State Representative from Berks County from 1992 to 2010. His outspoken support of Constitutional principles has been the hallmark of his public service.

Building on his prior 13 years in business, he distinguished himself in the areas of economics, tax, and budget policies as he served 14 years on the Appropriations Committee and as Ranking Chairman of the House Finance Committee. While in these positions, he wrote complete alternative state budgets to encourage administrations of both parties to cut spending and to avoid tax increases.

His leadership in state government reform led to more transparency and accountability in the state legislature. During his years of service, Sam was frequently referred to as the ‘Conscience of the House’.

For 16 years, Sam served on the House Education Committee where he fought for parental rights in education and against Federal entanglement in educational policies. In his early years, he authored the Education Improvement Tax Credit scholarship (EITC ), which has already aided over 250,000 Pennsylvania students to attend private or Christian schools. The (EITC) Law has been noted as the model school choice law in the nation.

As chairman of the House Fish & Game and House Agriculture committees, he used his influence to promote commonsense conservation policies that respect private property as well as defending the God-given rights of all citizens.
In 2009, Sam stepped forward and entered the race for Governor of PA as the conservative Republican candidate. Following his service in the PA House, Sam assumed the position of PA State Director for Americans for Prosperity and held this position until he again felt led to enter the race for US Senate in November of 2011. In June of 2012, Sam assumed the position of President of the PA Pastors Network. In July of 2013, the American Pastors Network was formed to expand the PA model nationwide. Sam serves as President of both the Pennsylvania and American Pastors Networks where he currently serves uniting his areas of experience in public policy with his commitment to encourage pastors to boldly preach Truth from the pulpit.

Sam and Ruth Ann have been married for 36 years and are parents of six children and grandparents of eight. They have homeschooled their children for over 20 years and are active members of their church. Their commitment to their faith and family has been evidenced in Sam’s steadfast support of life and traditional family values.