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Gun Control and the Second Amendment.

Dan Bongino at Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD:

Daniel Bongino is a former Secret Service Agent who was the
Republican Nominee for the U.S. Senate (MD) in 2012.


Gun Control in Australia:


Video Clip from February’s Meeting

Johanna Persing – Press Assistant for the Republican National Committee

You can read The Daily Item’s article about her: Press assistant offers peak into the Republican National Committee

Johanna’s Press announcements can also be read at

Upcoming March Meeting


That’s the topic Daryl Metcalfe (Republican- Butler County) will be addressing when he is the speaker for the Monday, March 11 meeting of Susquehanna Valley Conservatives at 7:00PM 7:30PM in the Baylor East Conference Room of the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg. Recognized by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s “No. 1 Conservative”, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe is serving his eighth term in office. He serves as the Republican Majority Chairman of the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee.

On January 23, 2013, Rep. Metcalfe announced his legislation that would make any new federal gun control laws unenforceable within the Commonwealth. “Passage of my legislation will send a message that there will never be additional gun control, anywhere in Pennsylvania,” said Metcalfe. “Whether by White House executive orders, congressional fiat, or judicial activism, we will never allow the left to benefit from the wicked acts of murderers in order to advance their senseless gun-grabbing agenda which would only succeed in replacing one of our most sacred personal liberties with the chains of government tyranny.”

The meeting is free and the public is encouraged to attend.


PA 2nd Amendment Action day

PA 2nd Amendment Action day

February Meeting Summary

Recent Lewisburg grad Johanna Persing made her public speaking debut last evening at the February meeting of Susquehanna Valley Conservatives.

Johanna Persing, Press Assistant for the Republican National Committee

Johanna Persing, Press Assistant for the Republican National Committee

Ms Persing, who is a young conservative, gave an overview of the composition, procedures, and inner workings of the Republican National Committee where she works as a Press Assistant.

With the recent loss in the presidential election the Republican Party is in re-assessment mode; trying to find the right mix of staying on message, while at the same time re-packaging that message so it appeals to a broader audience. There is a belief at the RNC that the conservative message still resonates with people as well as an ongoing faith in that message among party leadership.

Ms Persing discussed the effectiveness of the Democrats use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In the last election cycle social media played a significant role in both fund-raising and getting the message out to voters. The RNC is in ‘catch up’ mode, but is making strides.

Responding to a question from the audience, Persing indicated the RNC is currently focusing on mid-term senatorial and congressional races. No ‘Stop Hillary Now’ sub-committee has been formed.

Ms Persing stated that the RNC does not get involved at the political level; rather their mission is to set policy then market the message. They do not influence candidate selection ahead of primary elections, but let the primary process play out to its own conclusion. In the recent presidential election, once Mitt Romney was finally named the nominee, the RNC did interact more closely with the Romney campaign.

‘The RNC does a poor job of listening to people’ according to Persing. To remedy that situation she suggests taking the online survey at

SVC National Debt Tracker

Debt at Beginning of Meeting $ 16,498,735,406,442
Debt at End of Meeting 16,498,884,412,387

Increase in Debt during the Meeting $ 149,005,945

Increase per Minute $ 1,986,745

Next Meeting Monday, March 11, 2013 7:00 PM

February Meeting – Monday

WHO: Johanna Persing
Lewisburg High School graduate
Gettysburg College 2011
Press Assistant with the RNC

WHAT: Working Inside the Republican National Committee

  • How did she get there?
  • What was her role with the RNC during the last election?
  • What will be her role going forward?
  • How do we get the youth involved?

WHEN: Monday, February 11 at 7:00PM

WHERE: Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg
Baylor East Conference Room
Lower level on the west side

AUDIENCE: The event is free and the public is encouraged to attend.