January 14 Meeting Summary

Michael Ciccocioppo, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, introduced himself by speaking about his family background and how it brought him to his current mission – leading in the Pro-Life movement here in Pennsylvania.

Michael Ciccocioppo speaks to SVC

Michael Ciccocioppo speaks to SVC


Ciccocioppo passionately told of the choice his parents faced. They were very young – about to graduate from high school in 1952 – when they found out they would soon become parents. Their choice could have been to abort him, but they decided against it, and over time became the parents of 15. He posed the rhetorical question “What would their decision have been if their situation had taken place today – a time in which abortions are funded by the national government ?”

Mr. Ciccocioppo raised concerns that the Affordable Health Care Act – ‘Obamacare’ – will greatly expand abortion since, according to the president, ‘reproductive care (code words for abortion according to Ciccocioppo) is essential care, basic care so it is at the center of the health care reform I propose.’

The law includes $ 9.5 billion for ‘community health centers’, and, since it does not explicitly forbid abortions at those centers, they will expand the availability and number of federally-funded abortions.

This runs counter to the Hyde Amendment, which must be renewed each year by specific legislative action. The Hyde Amendment stipulates that federal funds cannot be used to pay for abortion services performed under Medicare or Medicaid. Obamacare is therefore an end-run around Hyde.

At the state level, the insurance exchanges to be established as part of Obamacare will include an abortion surcharge. This means every participant in the exchange will pay for abortions; regardless of the participant’s religious beliefs, age, or marital status. Fortunately states can pass legislation specifically exempting them from the surcharge, and the Commonwealth is pursuing such an exemption.

Obamacare will ration health care by establishing an Independent Payment Advisory Board, charged with ‘making recommendations to slow the growth of national health care expenses to below the rate of inflation.’ It empowers the Department of Health and Human Services with the ability to impose quality and efficiency standards on health care providers. This Independent Payment Advisory Board is the ‘Death Panel’ referred to in the recent presidential campaign, which was pooh-poohed as fear-mongering by the left.

Ciccocioppo also pointed out the insidious nature of Obamacare; indicating that the ‘good stuff’ happens early, while the ‘bad stuff’ (taxes, fees, fines) all take place later in the implementation phase.

Ciccocioppo answers questions

Ciccocioppo answers questions

SVC National Debt Tracker

Debt at Beginning of Meeting                $ 16,443,464,873,029
Debt at End of Meeting                              16,443,610,089,468
Increase in Debt during the Meeting      $        145,116,419
Increase per Minute                                  $ 1,612,404

Next Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting will be held Monday, February 11, 2013.



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