April’s Meeting Summary

Conservative activists Ana Puig and Anastasia Przybylski presented their ‘Get Out the Vote’ workshop to the April gathering of Susquehanna Valley Conservatives Monday April 9 at the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg.

Ana Puig (L) and Anastasia Przybylski (R)

Puig, a naturalized U S Citizen told how she and her family left everything behind and fled Rio De Janeiro when it became apparent to them that the government there was fostering ‘twentieth century Marxism’. Her passion for American liberty and democracy is apparent and as someone who has seen and lived the kind of government encroachment many of us fear today, her words carry the weight of experience.

Puig and Przybylski spend much of their time travelling throughout the state as ambassadors for Freedom Works, educating voters on campaign strategies and tactics and practical ways to organize at the grassroots level so their voices can be heard during the electoral process.

On the upcoming election:  ‘…will be the most important election of our lifetime.’

On the United States:  ‘This is the greatest country in the world and it’s up to us to save it and we don’t have a lot of time.’

On political activism: ‘Government goes to those who show up to make their voices heard.’

Anastasia Przybylski

An interesting (and alarming) statistic was cited during this meeting – only 3 % of the population in America is actively engaged in the political process. If a representative democracy requires an informed and involved citizenry…..

FreedomWorks summary of Ana and Anastasia’s visit to SVC can be found here

Our next meeting will be held Monday May 14 and will feature Dr Daniel Shayesteh, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity. Dr Shayesteh will speak about Islam as a former ‘insider’ and will describe his own spiritual journey to Christianity.

Please join us. Your support is vital!

 Democracy is not a spectator sport.

 Government Debt Report Card

U S National Debt at the beginning of tonight’s meeting    $15,755,822,845,634
U S National Debt at the end of the March 9 meeting          $ 15,535,111,590,986
Increase in one month                                                                           $    220,711,254,648


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