May’s Meeting – “Islam, Muslims and Democracy”


Susquehanna Valley Conservatives is pleased and honored to welcome Dr. Daniel Shayesteh as their speaker on Monday, May 14 at 7:00PM in the Baylor East Conference Room at the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg. Biographical information about Dr. Shayesteh is below.

He will open with a short talk about his life journey followed by a power point presentation titled “Islam, Muslims and Democracy”. Ample time for questions from the audience will follow. Plan to hear his testimony that is a multi-dimensional message that tells about his life and world view in Islam, his encounter with Christ and his theological/worldview journey that has led to his position today as a Christian Evangelist.

“The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”
George Washington

Daniel Shayesteh

Dr Daniel Shayesteh is an Iranian immigrant who arrived in Australia with his family in November 1991. Daniel is married to Mary and they have three daughters. He is Director of the inter-denominational organisation “Exodus from Darkness” and a National Evangelist for the Christian and Missionary Alliance
of Australia.

Daniel was deeply involved in the Iranian Fundamentalist Revolution (1979) as a leading Muslim political leader and teacher of Islam and religious philosophy. He speaks three middle-eastern languages (Farsi, Turkish and Azerbaijani) and is an accomplished poet and classical middle-eastern musician. He was saved wonderfully through Christ, when he escaped to Turkey after falling out of favour with Khomeini’s political group (see Daniel’s Testimony below). On his arrival in Australia Daniel sought fellowship with Christians from Islamic backgrounds. In 1994 he commenced studies at Morling Bible College and completed the Diploma of Theology and Pastoral Ministry. He also has a PhD in International Management that he completed in Turkey. Daniel lectured also as a part time professor in the University of Technology Sydney for eight years. He lectured how culture and religion influences business and human attitudes.

Daniel has been speaking to thousands of people around the world and has satellite television presentations to millions of Muslims in the world. He speaks openly and boldly about Christ and encourages those who hear him to do the same. Many times he shares his testimony. Daniel’s testimony is a multi-dimensional message that tells about his life and world view in Islam, his encounter with Christ and his theological/worldview journey that has led to his position today as a Christian Evangelist. On other occasions he teaches and preaches about the nature of God (god) in the major religions of the world and points to the precious uniqueness of Christ (Rev.19:16). He also teaches and preaches about “Influential Evangelism” and “True Peace”.

Daniel has written three books to help Christians, including Young People, to understand the uniqueness of Christ.

“ISLAM THE HOUSE I LEFT BEHIND” is a fascinating story and a beautifully written account of Dr. Daniel Shayesteh’s life journey from Islam to Christ. It is extremely touching, captivating and poetic in many areas. The color he has added in painting a picture of Iran, its cultural richness, its clash with Islamic
culture is all a wealth of education and awakening for the world. His life journey is an ordained life journey that takes him through cultures, religions and philosophies and eventually establishes him in a house made by the hands of God.

“ISLAM AND THE SON OF GOD” (The Difference is the Son) compares the Qur’an and the Bible against the backdrop of Islam’s early history and Islam’s contemporary message. Daniel concludes that the difference between these two books in all imensions of life is the ‘Son’ – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the only source of eternal confidence.

“CHRIST ABOVE ALL” looks at the nature of ‘god’, sin and salvation in all the world’s major religions, while at the same time challenging the conscience (God given!) of every human being to search for the Truth.

Confidence is a beautiful gift to any soul and Daniel’s message is always that ‘Eternal Confidence is only found in Jesus Christ!’ Once people read these books they will want to go into the world and share the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ like never before.

Brief insight into the Story and Testimony or Dr Daniel Shayesteh

“Mary and I were born into nominal Muslim families in a small city in Iran. We became fully involved in the fundamentalist Islamic movement shortly after the Islamic Revolution. Our common interest in the movement drew us together and we were married. This involvement caused me to advance in the politically
oriented religion “Islam”, and with the recognition and support of people in our city I announced my candidacy for the Islamic Parliament.

The bitter rivalry of Islamic politics which often leads to people being killed for their beliefs meant I was a threat to Khomeini’s political group who wanted to govern at any cost. I was kidnapped by Khomeini’s Revolutionary Military and placed in a death cell to await a death sentence. God in his love
and graciousness had other plans for my life and unexpectedly I was temporarily released, but I was not allowed to work in my city, and neither was I allowed to leave my city to seek work in other areas. Finally, after two attempts, I escaped into Turkey – homeless and without family or friends. My loneliness was
overwhelming at the time and I feared for my family’s safety because of my escape.

A number of months later in Turkey, through a business deal that went wrong, I came into contact with a Christian group who encouraged and supported me during this time.

One day alone in Turkey I came to believe that the world and everything in it, including myself, was unjust. I started to complain to God (which god?), saying “Aren’t you the almighty god? Should I suffer all my life? What is this life for? How can I get out of this life?”

That night I heard Jesus’ voice in a dream, and the following Sunday I heard the preacher saying the exact words Jesus said to me in the dream: “Come out of your father’s old house and live in a new house on the rock of Jesus” (based on Luke 6:48f). At the time, I didn’t know that there is only One Almighty name by which man can be saved.

Yes, only one name, Jesus.

The preacher’s invitation created in me a desire in my heart to ask for a book (New Testament) which would give me knowledge of Him through His words. By reading the NT, I discovered that God of the Bible, unlike all other gods who are impersonal, is personal and people can have personal relationship with
Him in their lives on earth. Therefore, I believed in Him as my Creator, Saviour and Deliverer.

Later Mary and the children joined me in Turkey. My conversion was a shock to her. “How can a person change his or her religion?” were her words, yet she recognised a change in me. Some time later Jesus appeared to Mary in a dream, and through God’s goodness and grace my wife, who was once a fundamentalist Muslim lady, came to the Lord.


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