Monday’s Meeting

WHO: Ana Puig and Anastasia Przybylski
Freedom Works, Inc.

WHAT: Election Workshop
How to get out the vote (GOTV) for our principled, conservative candidates in 2012

WHEN: Monday, April 9 at 7:00PM

WHERE: Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg
Baylor West Conference Room

AUDIENCE: All people concerned about the future of our country

BORN: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
CITIZENSHIP: Dual – United States, Brazil
EDUCATION: Baylor University, Marketing & International Business
LANGUAGES: Fluent in English, Spanish & Portuguese
Ana Puig is a concerned naturalized American citizen who has spoken at rallies, written on political subjects, and appeared on major networks and their affiliates. She is a spokesperson for Conservatism from the viewpoint of a successful legal immigrant.

Since 2009, Ana has become very involved with several grassroots organizations. As a leader in the Tea Party movement and Co-Chair of The Kitchen Table Patriots, she works on a daily basis coordinating with groups across the state and nation and has brought KTP to the forefront in the media. She has spoken many times at political events including FreedomWorks 9/12, Eagle Forum Conferences and CPAC 2011.

Through her activism, she has taken busloads of activists to both Harrisburg and Washington, D.C., has been a panelist in various Healthcare town halls and has successfully lobbied for an open primary in the 8th Congressional District race in 2010.

Ana ran and won as Precinct Committee Woman in May 2010 and was appointed to Governor Corbett’s Transition Team in December 2010. During the mid-term election of 2010, Ana partnered with American Majority Action and ran a successful “Get Out The Vote” effort from the Liberty Headquarters in Doylestown, PA.
Currently, Ana is the FreedomWorks PA State Director where she serves as the lead in-house lobbyist for the organization in the state of Pennsylvania. In her role, Ana represents FreedomWorks by presenting information, observations, opinions, and arguments to state and local legislative and regulatory agencies, other organizations and individual legislators, whose actions might affect FreedomWorks’ interests in the state. She also conducts “Get OutThe Vote” trainings throughout Pennsylvania in order to equip activists with tools to elect principled representatives. Ana is the recipient of FreedomWorks’ 2011 Sons and Daughters Liberty Award. Ana has traveled extensively.

She currently resides in Bucks County with her four children.

ANASTASIA PRZYBYLSKI is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Kitchen Table Patriots (KTP). She got involved in the Tea Party movement in early 2009 when she
helped organize a Tea Party at Washington Crossing State Park in PA in April, 2009.

Since then, she has infiltrated the Left, organized several local protests against various Congressional Legislation and organized several buses for 9/12 as well as for several Healthcare Code Red Rallies.

In January KTP put together a forum of 8th Congressional candidates where Anastasia lobbied for a no endorsement primary. The forum was covered by the New York Times and changed the political landscape in the 8th Congressional District.

She has been featured in several news articles and was featured in the Hit piece, the New Right by Chris Matthews, on MSNBC. She was a panelist at this year’s Faith and Freedom Conference and she spoke in 2010 at the 9/12 Rally in Washington, D.C.

She is a self proclaimed “Mama Grizzly”, feels passionate about the American values of Liberty and Freedom and will not stop until the threat to our Republic is gone.

She resides in Doylestown, PA with her three children and husband Steve who is her high school sweetheart.


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