SVC March 12 Meeting Summary

An enthusiastic crowd of 120 gathered at the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn Monday evening March 13 to welcome U S Congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino.

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives was honored (and fortunate) to host both these men and offer voters from Williamsport to Selinsgrove, Montoursville to Shamokin, the opportunity to hear these conservative gentlemen express their views on the federal budget crisis, Attorney General Holder’s tenure, how to improve the message/brand of the Republican Party, the Keystone pipeline, defense appropriations and the incarceration of U S military personnel, how liberal colleges and universities are indoctrinating our young people into the liberal mindset, and many other topics.

Mr. Barletta opened the meeting, speaking of his political coming of age in his hometown of Hazelton. As a small businessman he became more and more aware of the intrusiveness and overreach of the federal government. Eventually that led him to pursue a career in politics, first serving on city council, then as mayor. As mayor, he soon had to face the cost, both budgetary and societal, of the influx of illegal aliens into his city. He spoke passionately, recalling several murders in which illegals were involved. He cited one case in which a father of three was brutally murdered. As he spoke, it became evident that Mr. Barletta saw these murders as something personal. In each case, he referred to the victim by name and described the victim’s family, background, and other details of their lives. The compassion he exhibited for those victims was real, and eventually led him to decide that ‘enough is enough’ and take Hazleton into the national spotlight by passing local ordinances designed to punish business and landlords that either knowingly hired or rented to illegals.

Mr. Marino, after a brief opening statement, threw the meeting open to the audience for questions, leading to discussion on the topics mentioned above.

In addition to Messrs Barletta and Marino, State Representative Fred Keller was also in attendance (fortunately) and was able to respond to a question about the State Tax Equalization Board (STEB); a topic of recent interest to taxpayers in the Milton school district.

Many of those in attendance indicated this was their first SVC meeting. We hope to see them again.

A new and highly effective visual aid depicting the looming fiscal crisis in America was introduced at this meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the national debt ( $ 15,534,830,710,764) was posted on a white board in the front of the room. By the time closing remarks were made, the debt had risen to


Our next meeting will be held Monday April 9 and will feature Ana Puig and Anastasia Przybylski, two young women who represent FreedomWorks and will present a ‘Get Out the Vote’ Workshop. Since the next presidential election may be the last one that matters in the history of our country, their message will be both timely and necessary.

Please join us. Your support is vital!

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

 For more information on U S Congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino, please visit their websites:

US Congressman Tom Marino – 10th District of PA
US Congressman Lou Barletta – 11th District of PA





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