Republican Candiates for US Senate Forum

Sam Rohrer, Marc Scaringi, Tom Smith and Steve Welch

In what had to have been one of the most significant political events in the Commonwealth Monday evening, the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives hosted a forum for the four Republican candidates currently vying for the party’s nomination and the opportunity to unseat Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Jr this fall.

For an hour and a half, Sam Rohrer, Marc Scaringi, Tom Smith and Steve Welch fielded questions before a packed house. Each man outlined his position on issues such as right-to-life, a nuclear-armed Iran, the Federal deficit, Obamacare, and the U S Constitution as a document rooted in Judeo-Christian principles.

The event was taped and broadcast on PCN – the Pennsylvania Cable Network. For anyone who missed the meeting, it is available via streaming video via the PCN website or CATV channel 59. We recommend you take the time to watch as this was an excellent opportunity to see the candidates, hear their views, and form your own opinion.

Following the forum, each candidate was asked the same question: What is the single most important thing you want the voters to know about you?  Here are their responses:

Sam Rohrer – ‘I tell the truth, and the work I have done supports that what I say I am going to do, I will do.’

Marc Scaringi –‘ I am independent and constitutionally conservative; and I believe in freedom, liberty, and independence.’

Tom Smith – ‘I am a God-Fearing, good, and decent person.’

Steve Welch – ‘I am an independent voice. I am going to do what is right. I will vote my conscience over party politics.’

For more information, follow the link to each candidate’s website:

Our next meeting will be held Monday March 12 and will feature presentations by U S Representatives Tom Marino and Lou Barletta.

Please join us at future meetings. Your support is vital.

 Democracy is not a spectator sport.


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