November Speaker – Andre Harper

Andre Harper’s Conservative Message

November 14, 2011

If you missed the Nov 14 meeting of the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives you missed a young, dynamic, articulate, and entertaining speaker – Andre Harper.

Mr. Harper brought his message about the perils of liberalism to an audience of 65 – 70 at the Baylor West Conference Center – Best Western Country Cupboard Inn in Lewisburg.

A Democrat turned Republican; Mr. Harper tells how his ‘Aha’ moment came in 2000 while working for the Gore campaign at his alma mater, Florida A & M. A visit by the Reverend Jesse Jackson raised expectations that Andre and other young black students would play a significant role in electing Gore, but all Rev Jackson wanted to talk about was racism – how the Republicans were evil racists and how blacks had to fall into line against the Republicans, not because of any policy or ideology, but simply because they were black. It was an insult to Mr. Harper’s intelligence, and the beginning of his evolution into the conservative he is today.

Mr. Harper’s overall theme was to warn that left unchecked, liberalism leads to collectivism. Some quotations from his presentation:

‘I am sincere when it comes to freedom. Sincere when it comes to the values of America.’

‘I don’t apologize for American exceptionalism.’

‘We must teach youth about the blessings of liberty.’

‘Liberalism is a gateway drug.’ (leading to the loss of liberty)

‘Critical thinking is like kryptonite to the left.’ (liberals want people who won’t / can’t think for themselves)

About the Obama administration: ‘Obama campaigned on fundamental change. Now, after three years we see what he really meant: A few smart people achieve power by manipulating dumb people.’

With respect to the mainstream media: ‘There is a naïve belief that the media is actually fair, or someday will be.’

For more about Andre Harper and his conservative message visit

The next meeting of Susquehanna Valley Conservatives will be held Monday, Dec 12. Please come and help celebrate 2 years of bringing a message of conservative values to central Pennsylvania.


One response to “November Speaker – Andre Harper

  1. This was an excellent meeting. Andre gave us much to think about, especially in reaching the youth.

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