Susquehanna Valley Conservatives Mission


SVC supports conservative principles and policies and provides area conservatives and the general public with education and information regarding issues at the local, state, and national levels. SVC encourages active participation in the public arena.


2 responses to “Susquehanna Valley Conservatives Mission

  1. Michael Anderson

    Your mission statement is okay, but what are these conservative principles and policies.

    • Our principles can be found on our About page.

      1. Government is elected by and is responsible to the people
      2. Smaller government, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility
      3. A strong military to preserve our freedoms
      4. Freedom of religion, speech, and press
      5. A free market economy
      6. Legal immigration
      7. The right to keep and bear arms
      8. Freedom from unreasonable searches
      9. Workers’ right to a secret ballot
      10. Market-based health care and energy reforms
      11. Freedom of choice for education
      12. Term limits
      13. Person’s right to protection of innocent life and property

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