Northumberland Co Commissioners Debate

Northumberland County Commissioners Debate

October 10, 2011

Northumberland County Comissioners Panel
Northumberland County Comissioners Debate Panel

Meet the Candidates Forum a Great Success

A forum for the five candidates seeking the office of County Commissioner for Northumberland County was hosted Monday October 10 by Susquehanna Valley Conservatives. A standing room only crowd was in attendance.

Steven Bridy (Independent), Vinny Clausi (Democrat/Incumbent), Merle Phillips (Republican/Incumbent), Frank Sawicki (Democrat/Incumbent) and Rick Shoch (Republican) all offered their views on issues facing Northumberland County, as well as their individual qualifications for the office.

There was general agreement among the candidates that the most serious issue facing the county is a lack of money. They also agreed that infrastructure improvements would provide the greatest incentive for job creation.

Bridy touted his independent candidacy; stating that the 2 party system has failed and is currently failing. He felt the incumbents were fine men, but they are ‘trapped’ by the 2 party system. He would lead by example, not by heavy-handedness or division.

Mr Clausi cited his efforts to rein in corruption in the county and the part he has played in reducing the level of debt from $ 95 million to $ 64 million during his term.

Phillips felt his business background as well as his 31 years experience in the General Assembly qualifies him for re-election.

Mr Sawicki; who serves as chairman of the board of commissioners, stated his focus would be on using the limited resources the county has available to provide core services.

Rick Shoch cited his background in the financial services sector as well as his legal experience in municipal law as qualifications. He felt his people skills would serve him well.

Questions posed by the audience dealt with debt management, a community college for Northumberland County, a regional prison, and property re-assessment.


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